On site Massage

On site Massage

Duration ~ 15-30 mins ~ €30-€40

For this massage, we only need a little bit of space maybe a spare office, a free corner in an open plan environment or the back of the room at a conference or event.

On site massage requires no oils making it a very convenient treatment. It typically only takes 15 minutes (you decide). As an alternative to a coffee break; experience a unique massage covering the back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands using a combination of traditional massage, acupressure and shiatsu techniques giving your body and mind a well deserved break. Ideal for for those who spend long hours at a computer or desk.

Benefits to your company:

* Reduced stress-related absenteeism

* Increase productivity; helping to refocus the mind, enforcing clarity of thought

* Creates awareness of posture, stress management and other health issues

* Can reduce risk and development of repetitive strain injuries common with office employees

* Demonstrates your commitment to staff health and wellbeing

Soothe Massage Therapy

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